Here is proof the Odinga’s make the best hosts


When it com es to hosting guests, no one does it better than the Odinga’s.

From politicians to family get togethers, Raila and his wife Ida, are the perfect hosts making sure their guests have the best time.

Here are five things good hosts do to make sure everyone has a good time.

1. Everyone looks and feels relaxed

The Odinga’s host US Amb Godec

2. Pampering guests: from offering drinks to gifts, and comfy chairs guests find themselves leaning back and being in a happy place.

Raila and Ida host US Amba Godec in their Karen home

3. Plenty of food:  a good hosts ensures their guests are well fed, and go the extra mile to put out a feast fit for a king.

CORD leader Raila Odinga in his Karen home

4. Good hosts don’t rush their guests. From the Odinga’s, you can see them taking guests to the field to talk some more suggesting they are not in a hurry to kick out anyone.

The Odinga’s

5. Enough seating. if you take a closer look at the Odinga’s while they host, no one is standing because they have ensured everyone is seated.


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