Here are the things men should avoid doing this Valentines day

Valentines is a few days away,a nd if you are gearing up to spoil your bae, we’ve got some tips for you.

It’s always a big day to show love to your better half, but should you break the bank? Nope! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you celebrate your spouse.

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1. Overspending

A common saying has it that “money has no manners” and this is the time that saying occurs to most people, especially men. As love fills the air, most people find themselves digging deeper than they can to keep up, spending big on those dinner dates, road trips and movie dates. Always spend what you on what you can afford to loose.


2. One night stands

Some people like to have one night stands on Valentines day.

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3. Entertaining many women

Dear feminists, hold your horses please. Women are a good creation by God. Oops! But didn’t they come from our ribs? My religious book taught me so. Having female friends is a healthy thing but placing them accordingly is a another task. You don’t want to be that guy who’s all over anyone that can walk in a dress. Have a small clique of women and this will cut down unnecessary costs of trying to please them.

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4. Walking around with liquid cash

Trouble is when you walk around with loose cash. This causes impulse spending. Make plans to go out with a little money for the most important needs.

liquid cash

5. Having fun far away from your locality

Having fun doesn’t need to leave you with empty pockets. Avoid spending your Valentines far away from your residence. This creates unplanned miscellaneous spending that hurts your pockets. You can always opt for indoor fun activities with your bae, and prepare a delicious home made meal. To spice up the day, you can order in food from your favorite restaurant.

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