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Here Are The Tests All Serious Couples Go Through

Trials are normal in everyday life for people, whether single or as a couple. However it is different for single people because the decisions will only affect you.

For couples it is a bit intense as the trials couples go through will either strengthen the relationship or break it. Some of these tests include living apart due to work , infidelity, coping with in-laws, or when a partner loses their job etc.

Before you commit to a marriage or a longterm commitment there are tests that you should subject yourself through:

1. Finances test: This is one of the top reasons why many couple fight and even end up in divorce. You have to be able to agree on expenses, budgets ,savings etc. If you are to be together then you need to build trust in this are. If you cannot trust your partner with your money then why would you trust anyone else? And why would you spend your life with them?

2. Shopping test: Are you able to walk into Gikomba or Nakumatt together and just shop without getting frustrated or without arguing about what product is better than the other? Going shopping is great but if you can’t seem to get over the walking around in a filled up mall or overcrowded areas without getting agitated and screaming at each other then you might want to consider how serious you are. Its something basic and if you can’t agree on small things then you won’t agree on bigger things.

3. Living together : This is the best way to test each others patience. It doesn’t mean you should live together, you could go on a week long trip or vacation to a place that will require you to do your own laundry, cook etc. Do so regularly and see how things will work. It will also enable you to see what habits you can put up with and those that you can’t. 

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