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Here are the 5 things Kenyan ladies have absolutely no interest in

A Kenyan woman is one of the most woke woman. She is an active woman who pushes herself through the mucky side of this life. She is a beautiful, strong willed woman who brings to life anything she puts her hands on. With these said Kenyan women have a few things they have little or no interest at all and here’s a few:

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1. Football

Other than a good woman in bed, football brings about a certain level of mental orgasm in most men. Let me no even delve into that. For most women the feeling is different. Football gets them busy elsewhere.

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They’d rather count the number of tiles in the whole apartment block than have their eyes glued to the TV over a football match. Most of them don’t even know the basic rules of football.

2. Wrestling

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Men are generally rough and anything that has a lot of physical violence turns the hell out of us. For women, they’d rather channel that energy to catching up with the latest soap opera. Wrestling is a men’s affair as they cheer their favourite wrestler wrecking havoc on his opponent.

3. Politics

Going by the number of women legislature in Kenya, you can tell that most Kenyan women are not interested in political issues. Their only responsibility has always been queuing during the general elections to cast vote for their favourite candidate.


Politics is a boring affair to most women. With the euphoria it creates most women can’t keep up with it. Only the hard willed in the society can.

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4. Money matters

Big conglomerates all over the world are owned by men. Men risk big compared to women. Few women have the courage top run businesses. The hustle that comes with it requires no faint heart. The business world isn’t a favourite for most women. It’s a hard thing coming along a group of women talking about investment plans. Most of them are caught up majorly in family talks or mere happy talk.

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