Here are ten things you didn’t know about Eric Wainaina

Eric Wainaina is among the most renown musicians in Kenya. He has slowly become a legend in his own right. Wainaina’s music is a blend of Kenyan Benga rhythm and East African guitars, with some modern harmony. He has a new song out ‘Disco’ featuring Patoh Njuguna who has written the song and Frasha of P-UNIT. Apart from making amazing music here are ten things you probably didn’t know about him;

1. He has a bunch of gay friends.
2. He can cook very well his favourite being a roast leg of ram.
3. He is very unserious even in matters that require adequate attention.
4. He teaches song writing and branding at Brookhouse school.
5. His music inspirations include Sauti Sol, Harry Kimani, Aaron Rimbui, Suzanna Owiyo, Carol Atemi among others.
6.He wanted to be a gynecologist at an early age.
7. He is scared of sudden loud noises.
8. The craziest thing he has ever done was getting into music at a time when music wasn’t really a career.
9. His biggest music ‘flop’ was in Switzerland. He performed at a concert attended by 8 people.
10. His father re-married and he has three step siblings.

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