Here are red flags for the phrases used in job advertisements

Someone has analyzed the hidden meaning in certain job descriptions to help you in your journey job seeking.

Recruiters always want to paint a rosy picture of their company, but a youtuber has come out to dispel all those meanings below.

The Financial Diet wrote ‘Job descriptions aren’t always as transparent as they would like us to think often times creating more confusion, than clarity. That is why its important to ask questions that chirp away at the face value of keywords like ‘what are the day to day tasks /responsibilities that this job entails? How does this company promote work life balance?’

She also added ‘while prospective employers are scoping out the right fit for them, you’re equally entitled to information from them in order to make the right decision for you’

Here are keywords and their hidden meaning below from the contributions of her fans:

  1. Opportunity for rapid growth Translation could mean: your entire depart could quit at any second. Then we’ll force you to quit as well.

2. Opportunity for rapid growth Translation could mean: you’re expected to learn a ton of stuff to keep your job, but we’re not going to provide you with any training or guidance.

3. A fast paced environment Translation could mean:The job is actually 3-5 jobs in unpaid overtime

4. This company is like a family Translation could mean: Your loyalty will be questioned if you ever ask for a raise

5. Unlimited paid vacation day Translation could mean: No one ever takes their paid vacation days

6. Self motivated to succeed and manage ambiguity Translation could mean: we’re not entirely sure what we want and will give you little to no direction or support while figuring that out.


Dear classic 105 fam, do you agree with these interpretations?

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