Here are reasons why Kenyans still find it hard to hit the gym

Everyone desires to have a good physique. This requires one to observe what they eat and sign up for a gym. Signing up into a gym is slowly gaining traction but it’s still not getting the enough attention it should.

Here could be the reasons:

1. Busy schedules

gym girlThe state of the economy does not help. Kenyans are busying hustling evry and any job to make ends meet. This leaves them with little or no time to exercise.

But lets be real, most of the time we are busy doing nothing constructive. We act busy when we don’t want to do something. We fill our schedules with things that don’t add value to us.

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2. Expensive

A well equipped gym is an expensive affair. The fee is out of reach for most of the Kenyans. Adding salt to the wound is that you can’t go to the gym the whole day unless it’s on the weekends. Maybe if the price could be brought down a bit people would consider signing up.

3. Intimidation


The guys who hit the gym live like a family. They are bonded together by the toughness of lifting the dumbbells tearing their muscles. A new comer would feel intimated seeing block shaped men. Men who have well toned body. Men who can break a metal bar with bar hands. With a man full of dropping fat, this scene could instantly kill your ego.

4. Home workouts


YouTube has allowed for doing home workouts at the touch of a button. They are short workout procedures done in less than 10 minutes. This has allowed many people to ditch going to the gym and instead do workouts at home. It allows for saving the cash one would have used to pay for the subscription fee and can use that money to buy simple workout equipment.

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5.  Laziness

Majority of the Kenyans are generally lazy when it comes taking care of their body. They can’t commit time to hit the gym. They are a “busy” lot.

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