Here are all the plans slain Kilimani woman Monicah Nyawira had for her birthday before her gruesome murder

When death knocks it catches most of us unprepared and that is the case of Monicah Nyawira whose body was found lying in a bathtub.

The 28 -year-old had recently recently returned from South Sudan where she was running some family business.

Her brother George Thiru confessed that his sister was planning a lavish birthday on 10th October and the preparations were in top gear.

Adding that

 “She had ordered the dress for her birthday that falls on October 10. She was planning a big bash for her birthday and had even booked a tent to accommodate about 100 people. She had finalised arrangements for décor and was in the process of picking the venue in Thika”.

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He further added that Nyawira was looking forward to celebrating her birthday but that was never to be.

“Most of her birthdays are done in South Sudan because she works there. So she was supposed to do a birthday here with everyone. She has organized to call everyone from the grandma to everyone.”

Kilimani woman found slaughtered, body dumped in bathtub only days after returning from South Sudan

Her body was found dead, with her throat slit in a bathtub and the water left running. It is only after her family got concerned about her whereabouts that they decided to go look for her.

Bishop Paul Ngarama narrated how he found out Monicah had been killed. His son called him after discovering her body floating in the bath tab, with her hands tied to her back.

“I started praying, then my son told me, ‘Ohhh Monicah wamemuua, wame mukatakata.’ I started crying there and then. I couldn’t believe what he was talking about.”

Her heartbroken father expressed his sadness adding that were it possible he would have paid just anything to keep his daughter alive.

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