Missing daughter of Ex Nyandarua MCA

‘Help us find our missing daughter’ pleads family of Ex-Nyandarua MCA

A form three student from Mawingu Secondary School in Kipipiri, Nyandarua county, has gone missing leaving the family in anguish.

Ann Wangui Kamau, 18, from Machinery area reported back to school on January 5 and disappeared the same day in the evening.

According to principal Mary King’eca, Wangui was spotted by other students between 7pm and 8pm wearing a T-shirt and tights under her skirt.

“I got to know about the girl’s disappearance on Sunday afternoon and took immediate steps to notify her parents and reported the matter to Miharati police station on Monday,” the principal said.

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Missing daughter of Ex Nyandarua MCA

There were reports that she was spotted at Mawingu township on Sunday afternoon.

Wangui’s father, Haron Kamau, said he was notified of his daughter’s disappearance at 4pm Sunday.

For the last five days, combined efforts by parents and school administration to look for the student have not borne fruit.

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Kamau said Wangui is his fourth child and described her as humble, obedient and bright.

“We have a lot of hope in our daughter and her disappearance is causing untold anguish. I appeal to anyone holding her or anyone who sees her to report at the nearest police, school or to us the parents,” he said.

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Former Kipipiri MCA who is Wangui’s father’s elder brother, Michael Kirumba, said the family is traumatized following the disappearance.

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