Help Me Sleep With 50 Million Men, Please – Presidential Aspirant Kingwa Kamencu Begs

Former presidential aspirant Kingwa Kamencu is back at it again. The controversial woman, who is never afraid of speaking her mind, claims that she is yet to achieve her annual sex target of sleeping with 50 million men.

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Kingwa Kamencu is asking handsome men to contact her so she can sleep with them before this year ends.

“This year, I have had sex with 49,634,821 handsome men. I am yet to meet my annual target of 50,000,000.
I, therefore, request that if you are a handsome man willing to help me reach my goals, you kindly inbox me,” she posted on her Facebook account. 

Kamencu’s post has ignited mixed reactions and here is what some of her followers had to say;

Williams: Ghai fafa Madam President. My God sent message to you is, get one God-fearing handsome man for you as a husband and leave the rest of all other men and God will bless you with many other things. Shalom my sister and deeply praying for you as you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.

Vasquo: Ukifika 49,999,999, find me tuvuke mwaka 😉

Njoki: Hahaha, haki you crack me up. Such lucky handsome guys!

Michael: Today being day 314, that would mean 158,8072 men per day, 6,586 men per hr, 109 men per min. #Jesus! thats not sex.

Mwendwa: Are women okay? I can apply. I can also be masculine if you prefer. Whatever you like.

Edu: Calling on all my fellow handsomes especially distinguished members of Handsome Association of Kenya, HAK; come hack this!

Karoo: The man who will sweep Kamencu Kingwa off her feet will never get bored

Fidel: No shave November is Karura deforested ama luscious with vegetation? but seriously Kingwa Kamencu 50 000,000 ? What are you trying to do? build the tower of Babylon? At that rate, even influenza will start qualifying as an STD!

Linus: 5.7 handsome men per hour is quite a feat. That’s quite some traffic, necessarily speaking.

Mbaya: Hiyo Kitu si itasag yawa!!!

Maina: I am registered no 49,300,642 can register twice

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