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‘Healing needs to happen’ Jada Pinkett to publicly address affair claims

A day after denying August Alsina’s claims about an affair, Will Smith’s wife Jada is set to address those allegations in her popular Red Table Talk session on Facebook.

Will Smith ‘gave his blessing’ for wife Jada to have affair with singer August Alsina

Jada in a Tweet that has gone viral and attracted more comments about the affair, says she is bring herself tot he table about their relationship.

Jada says she want to heal from it and so she will publicly talk about it.


Jada and August have been trending online after the singer claimed that Will Smith gave his blessing for the affair.

It will be interesting to hear what she has to say, seeing that social media has branded her as taking advantage of a young man who was depressed.


She owes nobody an explanation of what she does with her private part and her private time.
Will is equally not innocent.

You just feel let down by your idea of who you thought they were.

Hopefully, you are own up to the things that happened with August!

But bet she will be making a bag off of this. Everyone will be watching this table talk

Sis we understand. Just accept it. You live life on your own terms, that’s a real boss. We respect you for living unapologetically. So what you had 2Pac as a soulmate, Will as a life partner and August as a young muse. I wish I was that unapologetic with my life.

Ma’am we good Face with tears of joy Rolling on the floor laughing…. that is your personal business. But if you are going to do this, be honest! Otherwise just leave it alone.

Date and time honey bc we will alllllllll be attending !!!

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