Babu Owino saying that DJ Evolve is healed

“How is the man you attempted to kill?”-Read Babu Owino’s witty response to man’s question

Babu Owino, the Embakasi East MP is not one to hide from controversy or a tough question. The MP was in hot soup a couple of months ago after he allegedly shot a DJ at B-Club.

I chose to forgive myself-Babu Owino says about DJ Evolve incident

The incident resulted in the deejay who is known as DJ Evolve being hospitalised with reports that he is paralysed from the neck down. There are reports that his bill has been steadily rising over the last couple of months, something that has raised eyebrows as Babu had claimed that he would help in offsetting the bill.

The deejay
The deejay in the past

Despite coronavirus dominating recent headlines, there are still some Kenyans who haven’t forgotten about the whole incident and one going by the name Kimanthi put the legislator to task about it, asking Babu, “How is the man you attempted to kill?”(Such a loaded question!)

Babu took the question in stride and responded by saying that he was healed in Jesus’ name.”@ndungokimanthi He’s healed in Jesus name,” said the MP.

Babu Owino in the supermarket
Babu Owino in the supermarket

The exchange came shortly after Babu in a statement said that he was fully in support of Government’s measures put in place in a bid to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

“The COVID – 19 disease has brought not just the threat of the death but it has also brought anxiety about where many of us will get our next meal from. At this challenging time, I wish to remind everybody, tough times do not last but tough people do!” read part of Babu’s statement.

Adding that; “I have learned with great disappointment of the recklessness of an individual who is widely reported to have travelled from Italy to JKIA, interacted with people in Utawala in my constituency before traveling upcountry and potentially infecting several others.”

Babu Owino on stage
Babu Owino on stage


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