Vaginal Odour

Heads Up Ladies, Here Are The Ways To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odour

You’ve probably experienced it at some point or another but we can all confirm that vaginal odour is not a good thing.

Keep reading to find out how to get rid of it…

Find out the cause

It’s important to figure out where your vaginal odor is from. Just because your vagina smells a little… sour, doesn’t mean you have something serious. It could be caused by your menstrual cycle, sweat, or hormonal changes.

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Stay hydrated

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If your body dehydrates, it’s unable to flush out the toxins in your body. Drink eight to ten glasses of water a day to make sure your body is properly hydrated. Sometimes, vaginal odor can be caused by excess sugar in the body and water helps remove sugar. Basically, it keeps you balanced.

Keep up with hygiene

Maybe your vaginal odor is caused just because you need a shower. It can really be that simple. If it’s hot outside, I know, you’re to lazy to shower, but think about your vagina. It’s hot too and is a petri dish for bacteria to hang out in.

Tea tree oil

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Okay, tea tree oil smells incredibly strong. However, this is the gem of all gems. Tea tree oil is an anti-fungal and antibacterial, so if you’re looking for a great remedy, this is one of them.

Pour two teaspoons into a glass of water. Now, soak a tampon in the mixture and place it into your vagina. Keep it in there for a couple minutes. If you’re going to shower, do this an hour before. Repeat this for a week. You’ll be good to go.


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One of the tastier remedies, I must say. If you love yogurt, then you’ll love this one. Yogurt helps control the pH levels in the vagina which helps control the odor. You can eat the yogurt and you can also soak a tampon in yogurt and then insert it, keeping it in your vagina for five minutes, then rinse. Do this for a week.

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Citrus fruits

Another favorite remedy. You want to keep up with your citrus food intake. This means, lemons, oranges, grapefruits & pineapples. They’re all high in vitamin C and help strengthen your immune system, helping to fight vaginal odor.

Know when to see a doctor

If you’ve tried the remedies and nothing seems to be working, you may need antibiotics, depending on what is causing it. Give it a week, and if it gets worse then go to your doctor. They’ll be able to diagnose you and give you some stronger medication.

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