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He would be proud: President Kenyatta plays snooker just like his late father 43 years later

Photos of President Uhuru playing snooker in the same room his father spent time in, have excited his fans.

Uhuru was on Thursday visiting the Kenya Military Academy where 43 years earlier, his father the late Mzee Jomo was pictured in in 1975.

He was in Lanet, for the Officer Cadets’ Commissioning Parade. The Cadets are the 6th group under Bsc. Military and Security Studies offered by Kenyatta University and the Ministry of Defence. They are drawn from the Kenya Army, Kenya Navy and the Kenya Air force.

uhuru playing snooker 1
Pres Uhuru plays snooker at the Kenya Military Academy 29th Nov, 2018
uhuru playing snooker 2
Uhuru at the Military academy

President Uhuru was playing snooker in the games room at Kenya Military Academy, Lanet as Chief of Defence Forces General Mwathethe looks on.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta played snooker at the same venue on 9th August, 1975 when he officially opened the games room, while accompanied by the then Chief of General Staff, the late General Jackson Mulinge. (see photo below)

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta playing snooker in 1975

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