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‘He wants to annoy us’ Kenyans notice about Babu Owino’s bragging habit


Embakasi East MP Babu Owino will not have it easy online as long as KOT have anything to do with it.

The controversial politician is known to love posting quotes about his greatness, and it’s well within his right to brag.

But ever since he was accused of shooting Dj Evolve, no one will make him forget this dirty deed. Literally every caption is accompanied by responses from Kenyans reminding him about the fate of Dj Evolve, whom he fatally shot and was hospitalized for several months at Nairobi Hospital’s ICU.

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The first time he ever spoke about the shooting he said ‘People should stop attacking me and insulting me, I never killed anyone, what happened between me and Dj Evolve was just two gentlemen disagreeing like grownups’.

Babu Owino continues to rattle Kenyans and perhaps he is aware that he is annoying and won’t stop?

This weekend was no different and he was online once again reminding whoever cared to read that ‘I am the future of the great Republic of Kenya’.

This statement did not sit well with KOT who bashed him with swift comments below.

babu owino gun
And so a flood of annoying reactions followed, which you can read below:

Well educated but instead of aiming for the stars you aimed at DJ Evolve’s neck.

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You destroyed DJ Evolve’s future
Clearly Dj Evolve’s future was a joke to you. Smh

Dj Evolve
The deejay

the future of DJ evolve is bleak after you shoot him point blank.
A future murderer.
Shindwe saitan
Beyond convinced that Babu does this solely to annoy y’all. He certainly enjoys being reminded about DJ Evolve.


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DJ Evolve almost stopped breathing from the gunshot
The Republic of Kenya wants leadership not shooters. Get well DJ Evolve.

Dj Evolve in a file photo
Dj Evolve in a file photo

K.O.T Waiting For Babu Owino to Tweet

DJ Evolve Is what Rings on their Mind
Bsc. Attempted Murder, FIRST CLASS HONORS, Gun handling-Second Class Upper Division,Masters In shooting range,Diploma in Automatic Colt Pistol, Diploma in rifle discharge, Diploma in ruining Dj Evolve’s life.
Dj Evolve haezi Tembelea watoto wake

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