‘He promised me heaven and gave me hell’ narrates hurt girl



A young lady has opened up about her painful relationship with a lover.

The relationship became he worst nightmare according to the open letter she wrote;

‘I met this guy at mall on evening as I was doing some shopping. He was such a kind and handsome man that caught my eye the moment I saw him. When I look at him I just have too many questions in mind. Is he the same man at the mall? Does he have a twin that he has never told?’

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The lady fell in love with this guy at their first encounter and he really treated her right.

They exchanged contacts and after some time they went on a date and later on started dating.

The guy was so rich that he even asked her to quit the job she was doing. She basically became a house wife and she lacked nothing.

This fancy lifestyle came to an end after she delivered her first child. The man became so hostile and abusive to her that he even beat her up with her child.

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‘I never got to marry him as he kept postponing the marriage. So I was expectant and delivered a baby boy whom he later denied saying he was not the father. My king turned to a demon himself. He used to beat me and his only son who he now referred to as a bastard. In less than 6 months of the relationship I saw different types of girls in our house. At times I could sleep at the living room and his mistresses could sleep in my matrimonial bed.’

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The lady had no choice but to persevere all that because she was an orphan, had no job and place to go. ‘I had lost everything I had thanks to him. I had to stay and face all that brutality and violence. My own husband threatened to kill me and my child. I had to leave to save our lives and start over again.’

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 These are some of the challenges most women face in marriage. Some do this because they want to keep their families together. Is it worth it? Does it have to get to death before someone decides to leave?

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