He made so many journos cry at work – Terryanne Chebet exposes bully

Workplace bullies are being exposed one at a time.

Former Citizen tv anchor Teryanne Chebet has taken to her Instagram to tell that a man at her former workplace bullied and made many cry.

While not naming names, Terryanne told

It was great but the bad times were bad, there was some really toxic people too, like one who perhaps every female TV journalist cringed to work with. He was the bully.com and sadly got away with everything. He made so many journos cry in the newsrooms!

Horrid memories, but, I’d probably work for a media house only if I owned it so I could make it a place where people loved to go to, every single day. ‘

Terryanne was filming a project when admitting this saying she would never return to being a full time anchor

Filming today made me miss my Anchor woman job! But would I do it again? Nope.

At least never full time again. It was great but the bad times were bad,’

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