‘He looked terrified’ Women tell of embarrassing moments when their wigs fell off

Every woman loves looking beautiful with most of them embracing wigs to give them that boost and to make them feel sexy. but not every woman loves wigs.

Most men do not like wigs with many saying they love ‘team natural kaa misitu’ but  not all wigs are bad considering that some meet the standard quality and texture, achana na hizi za river road.

Some women narrated the most embarrassing situations they had to go through after their wigs fell off. Read their stories below

“The evening started out perfectly. We’d gone on a fantastic date. We shared a yummy soul food dinner I assumed he knew it wasn’t all my hair, but I wasn’t sure if he knew I was wearing a wig. I liked him so much that he still made me nervous, so I wasn’t about to bring it up and possibly make the moment awkward.

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The few times he’d tried to touch my hair I’d casually dodged him without being too obvious. Then just when we began to have what would have been some of the most amazing s#x I’d ever had, instead the unthinkable happened.

In the heat of the moment, he reached up to squeeze and pull my long strands of “hair” and he yanked so hard my wig slipped right off. He looked stunned and terrified at first as he stared at this big wad of 1B hair in his hands, but then he started to laugh. I was so mortified, I jumped out of bed, ripped the wig from his hands and ran and hid in his bathroom.”

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Another says

“I was really late for work, so I boarded a bike to make my journey fast. Suddenly, my wig fell off. I was so embarrassed. The bike man had to stop and help me get it. I just put it in my hand bag. Thank God the weaving I had under was still neat.”

Just when you think you have heard enough another female narrates how meeting an old friend turned out to be her worst nightmare.

“I went for an interview and was waiting for my turn when I saw a long time friend and in the process of hugging, my wig fell off.”

Another woman adds

“I went to the market and was passing in front of meat sellers, something hooked my wig from one of the petty shops and it pulled it off my head and hung it up.”

I attended an event and as I bent to go under the canopy, my wig got stucked and was hanging in the air while people already sitted were staring at me.

All said and done would you wear a wig and if no why wouldn’t you?

Drop your answer in the comment session and don’t forget to share your most embarrassing moment.

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