‘He Insisted I Should Abort The Baby’ Vera Sidika Emotionally Narrates How HEARTLESS Ex-Nigerian Boyfriend Was (SCREENSHOTS)

Vera Sidika has spoken for the first time about how her ex-Nigerian boyfriend Yommy mistreated her. Vera who has now hit the roof poured out her heart about this violent yet merciless guy from the west revealing how he forced her to abort.

Sidika who is one of the most celebrated businesswomen we have in town is hurting, hurting a lot. She revealed that her boyfriend badly wanted a baby and not knowing the kind of animal this Nigerian man would be, Sidika had an implant and pretended to be pregnant.

She wrote;

“Let me be honest.
When I met this man from day 1 all he wanted to do was get me pregnant. He would always say  Get u pregnant quick so we build relationship later” I never understood at first I was so excited coz i love kids so much”

She continued to say;

“When I went back home something told me to get an implant get to know this guy before making a big step. Did that hours before going airport for my next visit in December.”


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She added;
“With time he suspected I might be pregnant & instead of denying I carried on just to see what his intentions were & the kind of person he would be if I was actually pregnant.”

“Knowing so well I wasn’t pregnant. But with agreeing. He still wouldn’t let me be. Claimed I wanna abort coz I’m not patient wit him etc”She narrated

The You Guy video vixen described how she was told to sell an expensive bag so as to use the money for abortion.

“He gave me his LV bag coz he said he bought it 5 years ago but he doesn’t travel I should keep it. Then after break up came back saying I return the bag he gave me as a gift if not I sell it & use money to abort.”

Check out Vera’s conversation with her boyfriend Yommy;

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