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‘He enjoyed Israeli wine before bedtime’ Moi’s doctor reveals


During the funeral service of the late Daniel Moi, his son Gideon revealed that the late Mzee loved eating meat, that got him in trouble with his family who were concerned.

Gideon revealed that Moi demanded he be served with meat, but Gideon resisted to which Moi retorted asking him if he see’s the doctor.

He caused laughter among the mourners when he revealed how he unsuccessfully tried to stop his father from eating meat after the doctor cautioned him against it.


The late Moi’s doctor Silverstein has let us in on the secret that mzee had some really good taste buds, and his choice of wine was top notch.

He told mourners in the funeral in Kabarnet University that

Mzee was an exemplary patient following my advice for the record as Gideon said yes mzee loved his meat, he also enjoyed sharing kosha wine from Israel, and maybe a wee bit at bedtime, dawa ya mzee he called it

there was only one issue that I had with him and that was working  too may hours, the thing you are doing are not right you will surely wear yourself out, but this did not sway his work ethic. I traveled the world with mzee and to make sure we were not eating exotic animals or drinking buffalo milk in china,

Dr Silverstein caused laughter as he revealed more details about Moi’s visits to Israel, a country he held dear to his heart.

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