‘He dumped me after 8 years, immediately married someone else’ (Audio)

During yesterdays morning conversation on Classic 105, a woman confessed that despite her ex husband earning Sh600,000, he does not support their child.

According to the woman, the man in question only sent Sh2000 once, and nothing more after that.

“The highest amount my baby daddy has ever sent me is Ksh 2,000 despite the fact that he earns a whooping Ksh 600,000.

To add salt to the injury I have to push him to send cash. My daughter’s school fees is Ksh 32,000 so what can 2,000 do.?

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Mwalimu Kingang’i however tends to think that at times men are pushed to the wall so  hard even when they are making an effort.

“Before umwanike hapa kwa Mike Mondo just know that a man can reach his end. You go round searching for help but nothing works, yet you are willing to chip in and support her and the kid/kids.”

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Here is what the listeners had to say on how they are surviving without support from their baby daddies

“My situation is even worse, we were in a relationship for 8 years, fate smiled at him and he landed a good job after that he dumped me and my daughter.

He further went ahead and immediately got married they have a child together, he does not support us all he does is claim and brag about my daughter being ‘his’.

Since the I have learn to only trust in God and so far so good,my daughter is in class three and I can comfortably support her.”

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Another says

“Mine only calls in March, he can’t call right now because he fears I might ask him for school fees, who does that?”

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