Zari in black

“He didn’t like my friends’ Zari disses ex boyfriend 


Zari spent Saturday August 28 dancing the night away with her girl pals.

She appeared to be enjoying herself immensely, that she took a dig at an ex boyfriend whom she says didn’t like her friends.

She sarcastically wrote a diss that said ‘once dated a ni**a who didn’t like my friends. Lol see they bring out the weird side of me that you couldn’t smh’

When Zari broke up with Dark Stallion, she wrote “If it doesn’t build me, I won’t Keep it”. Is she now referring to him?

In a video in a club dancing with South African Queen Sono actress Pearl Thusi, Zari grinds against her girl pal, ontop of a table.

Zari shared that she was feeling like a sexy mama as she showed her black high heels and cute dress.

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