‘He Betrayed Me In Every Single Way’: Mother Reveals How Her Ex-Husband’s FORTUNE Sparked An Affair And a $400 Million Divorce

On paper, the relationship between Sarah Pursglove and her ex-husband Robert Oesterlund was beyond perfect.

The pair, who met in Helsinki in 1995, raised two daughters and enjoyed enormous wealth – $400 million to be exact.

However, Sarah, 47, has revealed how Robert’s millions eventually lead to his affair and a very public divorce battle.

Speaking to the Sunday Times Sarah said: ‘He betrayed me in every single way you could possibly be betrayed — you just never expect a husband to do what he’s done.’


Sarah filed for divorce in 2014 after she discovered her partner’s infidelity when she followed him after discovering he had booked a taxi ride for two.

She was horrified to see a woman emerge from the car before Robert shared a kiss with her. Sarah said: ‘That was it — our marriage was over. I was devastated, I felt betrayed and hurt.’

But while the betrayal itself was painful enough Sarah was to be faced with further torment during divorce proceedings.

Robert claimed that he was only worth a few million dollars, hiding the family’s true fortune from the courts and leaving Sarah to face years of legal battles to get the money she was owed.


Her lawyers eventually uncovered statements in the Bahamas where the couple owned a Superyacht suggesting that the family was worth $400 million.

The mother-of-two eventually reached a settlement that, for legal reasons, we cannot reveal.

However, Sarah says, she was never interested in the relationship’s financial side: ‘It was never about the money.

‘I would have been happy living with him in a small apartment, as long as we were together. I was naive not understanding how money can change people.’

The couple made their fortune in internet advertising, going from just one company in 2001 to a 40-firm empire.

They hired personal trainers and private tutors for their two daughters and travelled the world on their yacht and by private jet.


It is a long way from Sarah’s beginnings in the former council house in Caernarvon, north Wales, that she shared with her mother Janice and sister Daphne.

She left school at 16 to pursue her love of photography and ended up working on a cruise ship.

In 1996 she met Mr Oesterlund, a Finnish flower-seller, and they married two years later.

She says they struggled financially until they hit gold with the internet advertising business in Florida.

The couple’s relationship first hit the rocks when, in 2009, Robert revealed that he had outstayed his visa and was unable to live in the US for ten years.


He moved to a superyacht in the Bahamas where Sarah and their two daughters would visit him every weekend, but, she recalls that he began drinking as a way to liven his spirits.

After an accident aboard the yacht that left Sarah hospitalized when she was thrown from the deck into shark infested waters the couple purchased a $5 million property in Finland as well as a 165ft vessel costing $23 million.

The boat, named Déjà Vu, Sarah believed was a catalyst for Robert’s change in behavior as it attracted celebrities and partygoers.

She told the Mirror: ‘The money had gone to his head. I thought he was having a midlife crisis. I gave him a chance, thinking it would pass.’

It was after purchasing a $35 million penthouse in the Four Seasons in Toronto that Sarah became aware of his affair.

The businesswoman and former cruise ship worker is now living in Florida with her two daughters and is in the midst of selling her Toronto penthouse.

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