Have you dated a serial cheater confessions

The internet is describing just how much character development they have been taken through by serial cheaters.

On a viral Twitter thread, someone asked netizens to confess about the serial cheaters they have dated. And the responses will have you screaming.

Here are some confessions on the htread

I was a serial cheater. Had about 5 sides and my gf. She found out 5hat i was cheating but with only 1 girl. I begged for forgiveness. Broke up with all of them. We are now 7 years in a marriage and the last time i cheated was 8 years ago.

My name is Gugulethu right, he cheated with a girl named Gugulethu, he’d post “I love Gugu so much” on his status, I thought he was talking about me kanti no it’s the new girlfriend, ngelinye ilanga I went through his phone (WhatsApp) he saved our numbers…

She saved his number as daddyi used to run and give her cellphone whenever he calls

He saved us as the days of the week , I couldn’t see him on any other day cause I was saved as Sunday Woman standingshould I tag him for awareness

Yeses, my ex takes the cup. He used to date 2 of his exs while we’re still together…and he’d also have ama “hook ups” with people he meets at the groove. That guy ke Satan I’m telling you. Triple six

Been dating this girl for 16 months only to find out I was number 4, Guys I almost bought her a promise ring,Broken heartBroken heart that one was a hard core devil worshipper.

Errr!! She kept telling me about evening prayers at church, the woman would even wake me up in the middle of the night and ask that we pray. So I believed these evening prayers story kanti wajola. I found out and confronted her, guess what? She blamed me for her cheating Man

I cloned his WhatsApp and yhoo☹ I’m sure we were like 8 sister girlfriends with one being a sugar mommy he was still shelling other girls. Kaes he used to send us the same messages i left him and i never looked back.

Dear classic 105 fam, what has been your experience. Drop your comments below.

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