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Humble beginnings! Governor Joho shares TBT photo of himself without shoes

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho lives like a king. The politician’s immense wealth is the stuff of legend, but many might not know that he came from humble beginnings.

Yep, before his mansions, exotic cars and expensive taste in haute couture Mr. Joho had it rough like most Kenyans are undergoing at the moment.

Using his Instagram page, the governor shared a photo of himself without shoes as he stood at the doorstep of a house alongside two other children.

He was wearing shorts, a red and white shirt, and was barefoot while contrasting the image with a more recent one of himself as governor, where he was seen wearing a sleek blue suit while writing in a book.

Joho’s caption was a recognition of how far he had come. praising God for lifting him up to the great level he was at. “Before and after… Alhamdulillah,” he wrote.

Joho contrast

In past interviews, Mr. Joho has spoken about his tough childhood, claiming that he paid his own school fees. He said that he would go to school during the day and work at night to make ends meet.

“I struggled to take myself through school, sold snacks and did menial jobs to help my family and even worked at the port carrying cargo for KSh 80 to pay my fees,” he said in March 2017.

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In an interview with Churchill Ndambuki last year, Joho explained how his mother had had to sell tomatoes and other veggies to make ends meet.

This had an effect on him, making him also start pulling his own weight so he could take some pressure off his struggling mother.

“We did not have money so I dropped out of school for a year then returned later after my family scraped some cash,” he said.

He wasn’t the best student in high school, getting a D- in the KCSE finals but that didn’t stop him from still rising to the top.

“I got a D- when I sat for my exams in 1993. This should not be used to mock me. Instead, it should be used to encourage those who failed in their exams that grades will not determine their future,” he said.

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