Has Jaguar bought a brand new Range Rover Sport? Starehe constituents react (Photo)

You know that saying that goes, “You cannot please everyone, hata ukijigawanyishe a million times, to do their bidding, huwezi.”

Well, Jaguar is in a bit of a fix after posting a photo of himself beside a brand new eggshell-white, Range Rover Sport.

The Starehe MP did not say whether he has bought it or he just took a photo near the expensive luxury machine.

His constituents were pissed, while some were inspired by the musician turned mheshimiwa’s good fortunes.

After all amevuka border na amemek it.

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Jaguar took the photo when he was visiting Land Mawe market that was demolished on Sunday night by an aspiring private developer.

“I’ve pledged to support the traders reconstruct their structures and enable them resume business.Β I won’t allow one land grabber to destroy the lives of over 300 traders who get their hard earned living through trading in the market. Due process has to be followed,” Jaguar wrote on his official Facebook page.

Jaguar Range rover

Here are some comments directed at Jaguar.

Carleb Oposh: You have forgotten you are an Mp?? Focus on service delivery bwana picha kila time achia slay Queens

Danny Kimz Shazzar: It is so painful to see those whom we thought will help us afford a kilo of Unga, MAKE us completely unable to see tomorrow! With due Respect, Hon. Jaguar wakenya wengi hawawezi afford Range rovers. So please….range weka tu mbali na sisi. Twataka NHIF cards

Evans Yatich: Your not the leader that we elected watch your steps and stop fb things but work to help your people who made you be their leader

DK Koech Mheshimiwa: uko na gari kubwa hivo na unatint drisha wasee wasikuone….aki ingekuwa mimi ningeng’oa hadi milango watu wanione.πŸ™„πŸ™„

jaguar land mawe (1) (1)

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Mteki Deh Furguson: Nikihustle juu chini ili nivuke border wananingeukia nikihustle juu chini ili nivuke board wananingeukia.wanasiasa vingeungeu c mm niliimba iyo ngoma .

Judy Kahiro: My dream car is a Range Rover just like yours even the colour.

Marvin Marcus Malloy: Hapo sawa. Huyu mwaka eh lazima nipate

Levis MJ Machali: Hon.Slay King of starehe

Isaac Maina: Aki si unipe hiyo Range Rover mheshmiwa.

Faith Kwamboka: Waaaaah nipee kazi ya kuosha Hiyo gariπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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