Has He Borrowed A Loan? Could This Be Willy Paul’s New Ride (Photo)

Willy Paul has been silent for a while now unlike his nemesis who has been making headlines left, right and center in regards to showing off his biological daughter.

A few months ago, he was the talk of town when he claimed that he was dating or rather marrying Jamaican artiste Alaine, only to realize it was a publicity stunt for his song, I Do’ with the said artiste.


But who advises these kids on these stunts that always end up blowing up on their faces.

Anyway, he’s been missing from the public eye ever since he the Groove Awards nominations, after finding out he didn’t get any nominations. He was so bitter, he walked out before the event ended.

Willy Paul Trolled By His Fans After Losing Out At Groove Nominations

So, we have one question to ask. What has he been up to? Well, maybe he’s been working extra hours to prove that he deserved a nomination. Or maybe he’s somewhere admiring someone’s car, hoping he’ll one day throw away his overused Mark X. Or better yet, he’s somewhere cooking up the next move to gain attention, having asked a girl to abort two years ago, now that Bahati is literally gulping all the publics attention after showing off his kid.

Willy Range

Well, the assumptions are so many but let’s focus on his latest post. He just shared a photo of a Range Rover. Well, for starters, it’s not his but a brother can only but dream. But he’s too clumsy because he just took a photo from a website and reversed. He’s just shady, even Bow Wow would be so disappointed in him.

So don’t be surprised when he claims it’s his because he has to do everything he can just to stay relevant. Even Khaligraph said he had to mention him because he was becoming irrelevant and he had to stay relevant.

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