Harmonize’s mother and girlfriend dance and bond in cute family moment


Harmonize will jet into Kenyan for a concert on December 12th.

The singer will be in Naivasha and tickets are said to cost 2,000 ob and 7k for vip tickets.

Will you be attending? His last dramatic performance was in Eldoret in 2018, where he was allegedly held in a hotel room over an unpaid bill. Fans were left disappointed. He told fans that the promoter didn’t pay his dues. He also had another flopped show in 2020 at a concert in Mombasa.

Meanwhile over the weekend, Harmonize officially introduced his mother to his mzungu girlfriend at the homecoming party for his protege Ibraah.

The concert was held over the weekend at Nangwanda Sijaona Stadium and while performing he invited his mzungu girlfriend Brianna and his mother to stage. The two danced away seeming like one big happy family.

He avoided fielding questions from the media, and questions were raised if he was threatened for his outburst a few weeks ago when he came back from his US tour.

At the airport, Harmonize ranted about his time at WCB as an artiste and how Diamond made it difficult for him to prosper.

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