Harmonize and Frida Kajala

Harmonize wanted to see if I was still stupid-Kajala

Fridah Kajala Masanja is an ex-girlfriend to Harmonize. The singer has been begging her relentlessly to take him back but his plea has landed on deaf ears.

The Tanzanian singer even went as far as to put up a billboard written ‘Lovers’ to beg Kajala for forgiveness. But it seems Kajala has been throwing shade at the singer.

In a recent post, she hinted that Harmonize is back to see whether she’s still stupid.

“Sometimes people come back into your life just to check if you are still stupid.”

In another post, she warned people about getting attached.

“Don’t get attached remember what happened last time…..”

She also asked fans to know their worth, control their emotions and never settle.

“Don’t be someone’s ‘sometimes’ …Don’t let nobody play with you, even if you love them…”

Harmonize broke up with Kajalla after being accused of seducing Kajala’s 19-year-old daughter Paula. 

Before Kajala, Harmonize was married to an Italian woman, Sarah Michelotti.

In a past interview, Sarah said she split with the singer over his alleged infidelity. It is not yet clear if the two officially divorced as they have kept quiet over the issue since then.

He later dated Australian woman Briana but split as the singer could not handle long distance relationships.

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