Harmonize and Diamond

Harmonize unfollows Diamond Platnmuz on social media

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has finally unfollowed Diamond Platnumz. The singer took this step after being in a feud for over two years. But Diamond on the other hand still follows Harmonize on Instagram.

A screengrab from Diamond's IG showing that he still follows Harmonize
A screengrab from Diamond’s IG showing that he still follows Harmonize

Harmonize and Diamond’s relationship scattered after the ‘Ushamba’ singer left Diamond owned label WCB to form his own, Konde Music.

Since then, the two have never seen eye to eye and at one point, Harmonize said he had to sell some of his property to pay WCB as compensation as he left the label before the contract had ended.

2015 was the year that Diamond took Harmonize under his wings as his mentee and signee and was introduced to the World.

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