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Harmonize reveals he will be campaigning for the next Kenyan President

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has revealed he will be campaigning for Kenya’s Next President.

The veteran Tanzanian singer was in Kenya over the weekend but got himself in hot soup after he was arrested for obtaining money under false pretences.

He remained in bars for the better part of Sunday.

After his release, Harmonize addressed the media where he praised his Kenyan fans for their continued support.

In the interview, Harmonize said Kenyans had made him famous by supporting his music and attending his concerts.

It was then that he announced his interest in being involved in the Kenyan campaigns.

“I am part of Kenya’s election this year and I will be supporting the next president. For now, I can’t say who but when the right time comes, I will just show support and prove to you that I am half Kenyan half Tanzania. Kenyans have made me who i am by supporting my music.”

It is not clear whether Harmonize will be supporting Azimio La Umoja or UDA and whether he will be releasing a song for his preferred presidential candidate.

In 2019, Harmonize released a praise song for the late Tanzanian President Magufuli, describing him as a hardworking leader with a rich development record.

After he died, Singer Harmonize tattooed the late Tanzanian President John Magufuli’s face on his leg.

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