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Harmonize’s crazy tattoo choices betray a man with deep personal issues

It seems that there is never going to be a dull week in the life of Konde Music Worldwide CEO, Harmonize. The muscular musician is in the news again after covering up a tattoo he got of ex-girlfriend, Frida Kajala.

In a post seen by Classcic105, the “Birthday” singer replaced the tattoo he had of Kajala’s name initial ‘K’ with ‘Konde Gang’.

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Konde Boy and Kajala had gone public with their affair and the two got matching tattoos of their name initials; ‘K’ for Harmonize and ‘H’ for Kajala.

Funny thing is that Harmonize and Kajala only dated for 2 months and got the tattoos when they had been together for a few weeks! They famously broke up after news emerged that the “Kwangwaru” singer had hit on Kajala’s 19-year-old daughter, Paula.

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Yes, you read that right! The singer got a tattoo of a woman he barely knew after just knowing her for a few weeks! But this isn’t the only time Konde Boy has shown a proclivity for bad tattoos.

In the past, he has also put a tattoo of his ex-wife, Sarah Michelotti and that’s not all. He had also put one of his former mentor, Diamond Platnumz.

Thing is, all these relationships have all ended on a sour note and each time his body shares indelible evidence of the failed relationship.


My suggestion to Konde Boy would be to stop getting tattoos of people that he is in a relationship with. It seems that he has poor personal relationship skills, something that keeps on baring out each passing month with each scandal he gets involved in.

At the end of the day, his poor tattoo choices show a man who lacks any form of impulse control, and is borne out by the manner in which all his public relationships have ended-with him looking like his behaviour caused them.

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