Harmonize and Frida Kajala

Harmonize not giving up on getting ex-lover Kajala back

Bongo superstar Harmonize has proved to his fans that he is yet to give up on ever getting his ex-lover Kajala back.

A few days ago, Kajala reacted to constant calls by her ex-boyfriend Harmonize to rekindle their lost love.

This is after Harmonize has bought expensive gifts to try and lure her to come back.

In a series of posts, Kajala talked about how people who exited your life will always try to come back to test you or even mess up your life more.

Her sentiments were interpreted by her fans as a direct jibe at her ex-lover Harmonize.

In one post, she advised the importance of people knowing their worth.

“Don’t be someone’s sometimes. First, know your worth, second control your emotions. Third Never settle,” she wrote.

“Don’t get attached remember what happened last time…You can’t change everyone. just move on… Don’t let anybody play with you, even if you love them.

“It’s very easy to find A new one. But it’s hard to find A True one.”

Harmonize first put up a huge billboard with their photos. He spent almost Sh500k on the billboard although Kajala ignored him.

He then shared a long public apology to Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala adding that he has been lonely and even not being able to eat.

Harmonize later bought an expensive chain for the actress and two Range Rovers fully customized with her name in vain.

Well, recently, Harmonize shared a video of himself standing next to Range Rovers with Kajala’s name as the number plate.

In the video, he apologized and begged Kajala to come back.

“Do not be afraid that people will say you came back to me because of all these material things I have bought you all the cars. No one knows us and our relationship, no one knows how we used to live together and all the support that you have shown me, and I did not even buy you a bicycle. You housed me for months.”

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