I can’t keep this single life! Harmonize on going back to ex-wife or ex-GF

Konde Music Worldwide CEO, Harmonize desperately needs an intervention in his personal life. Yep, the musician seems to be in the eye of a storm very often, especially as far as his relationships go.

The man revealed that he had a daughter late last year, a disclosure that shocked not only his fans but also prompted the quick dissolution of his marriage to his Italian babe, Sarah Michelloti who dumped him.


And it seemed that the singer had moved on from Sarah months later, as he was spotted with Bongo actress, Fridah Kajala.

But the man is now crying about his ex, Sarah. Yes, a week after he was exposed for sliding in the DM’s of Paula, the daughter of his ex-GF, Fridah, he seems to have had a change of heart.

Harmonize’s ex wife reacts to singer being caught in love triangle

On his Instagram stories, Harmonize says that he’s tired of being single barely a month into his break-up with actress girlfriend.

The two had dated for two months before confirming their break-up and now Konde Boy says “anataka kurudi nyumbani.”

Harmonize and Frida Kajala
Harmonize and Frida Kajala

But the funny thing is that he is still undecided as to who he wants to go back to. Konde boy is now teasing fans on whether he should go back to his exes or simply start afresh.

If you ask me, Harmonize should take some off from dating and focus on himself, just like Diamond did last year.

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