Harmonize and Frida Kajala

Is he just trying to spite his former mzungu ex? Harmonize gifts new lover Kajala a car

Harmonize’s ex-wife Sarah Michelotti must be crying wherever she is at the moment. The Italian babe has witnessed her former man treat his new woman in ways that she could only dream about in the few short weeks after they went public with their affair.

And this week was no different as the Konde Boy CEO surprised the curvy Kajala with a brand new Toyota crown! Yes, a whole car!

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On Thursday, Konde Boy shared videos via his Intsa-stories presenting his car gift to Kajala, who was surprised right as she left the Gym.

In the videos, the Happy Birthday hit-maker could be heard requesting Kajala to accept his ‘Small’ gift, promising that more goodies will be coming her way as their love continue to blossom.

“This is your Car Baby Take it. This is my small gift to you” Harmonize says in the video.

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Methinks that Harmonize is trying to get back at his ex-wife Sarah who dumped him in December 2020, after it emerged that he cheated on her and even sired a child out of wedlock.


Sarah also disclosed that she has been through a lot with Harmonize and pointed out that her hubby was a liar who doesn’t appreciate people who had helped him.

The man has been relentless in showing up Sarah with public displays of affection like this recent one. Just a few weeks ago he and Kajala, who is a renowned Bongo Movie actress went on a highly publicized tour of Zanzibar, where they repeatedly declared their love for each other.

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That wasn’t all, the lovers even went as far to get matching neck tattoos with their initials scribbled on each other! Talk about a romance moving at the speed of light.

I think that in all the above acts of love and affection, Harmonize is sending a message (although petty) to his former beau for whom he wrote the hit song, “My boo”, that he has moved on from her like a bad fart. Is it working? You be the judge…

Harmonize with Sarah
Harmonize with Sarah in the past


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