‘It was hard’ Lilian Muli opens up about battling post natal depression

Lilian Muli has admitted that during her first pregnancy she went through post natal depression something that saw her lose a lot of weight.

Every woman who has been through pregnancy will tell you losing baby fat is no child’s play but for Lilian the weight kept shedding off .

To others it was a sign of ‘hard work’ but for Lilian it was a cause for alarm.

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She went on to add that people thought that she was intentionally losing weight:

I didn’t look nice by the way, but everyone was like how did you lose after having a baby?

What a lot of people did not know was that the birth of my first child took a toll on me emotionally and mentally.

So I went through an episode of post-natal depression so I could not eat, I could not function.

It was hard for me.

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She adds that it at that tough time in her life that the idea of ‘Slim Possible ‘ was born

When I finally got over that I got into that serious healthy eating program and I really watched how I ate and worked out religiously.

So when I walked into Citizen TV my boss was like ´Hold up, how old is your baby?´

And he asked ´How are you this tiny?´

So I told him about my depression and my deliberate decision to put on weight.

And then he said ´Okay fine, you are the person we have been looking for.´

And so…Slim possible was born.

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