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Maureen Waititu gives her condition for dating after splitting from Frankie

Maureen Waititu has had a tough 2019-20 as far as her relationships go. The mother of two not only had her long-term relationship with the father of her two children but also suffered depression as a result of the break-up.

Things started looking up for her earlier this year with the chocolate beauty revealing that she had recovered from the split and doing much better.

Maureen-Waititu-with-her-baby-daddy-Frankie in the past
Maureen-Waititu-with-her-baby-daddy-Frankie in the past

But things looked to be taking a nasty turn this past month as her ex Frankie Kiarie announced that he was having a baby with curvy socialite, Corazon Kwamboka.

The news was met with shock by both Maureen and her fans and it looked like the baby news might affect the state of mind that she was in.

Me and Maureen Waititu already had issues, Corazon wasn’t the reason we split – Frankie Kiarie

Have no fears, Maureen is well, the YouTuber decided to address her dating life in an interview with MC Jessy. In their dialogue, Maureen explained that all she wanted from her life was to be happy.

Maureen Waititu with MC Jessy
Maureen Waititu with MC Jessy

Jessy asked whether Ms. Waititu was ready to start seeing someone again? She said that it wasn’t a part of her journey anymore and it depended on whether God wanted it to happen for her.

Ms Waititu added that if she ends up with someone, all she wants is to be happy and an amazing mother to her kids.
“So it’s very simple. This is not my journey anymore. I’m literally trusting God to take me where he’s taking me. My work is to trust and obey and follow. If he has a plan for me to meet somebody who will… and trust me I have desires as a human being and I know what I want exactly in future, maybe I don’t even know because my mindset keeps changing.”

Maureen Waititu with her two sons
Maureen Waititu with her two sons

She added;

“Where He is taking me it’s okay. If I end up with someone, if I don’t, I just want to be happy. I want to be so happy, full of abundance and I want to be an amazing mother,” said Maureen Waititu.

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