Happy Couples Do This ….

Happiness is a state of mind but it also comes from making a choice to be that way, first as an individual then as a partner when you are in a relationship. Happy couples are people who simply choose to do simple things for each other and live in “happiness” everyday.

Simple habits that many take for granted are what happy couples do everyday;

1. Use the word “we” – There’s no “I” in “relationship” or “marriage.” Wait, actually there is… But not metaphorically speaking. One of the great things about being in a relationship is becoming “one.” This means that his pain is your pain or her fears are your fears. And if one partner achieves success you can say, “We did it!”

2. Brag about each other – They aren’t afraid to let other people know what a great person their partner is. In fact, they are proud of their spouse.

3. Make goals together – Super happy couples set goals on a weekly and yearly basis. They have direction in their life. These goals may be small things like “eat 3 vegetables a day” or “smile at everyone we see this week.” But they can also be bigger goals such as “save enough money to take a trip to Mexico” or “learn how to speak sign language.” Either way, setting goals helps these couples to be happy because they are progressing and supporting each other in their dreams.

4. Learn each other’s love languages – The best couples know how to express love to their partner in a way that their partner will recieve it. Even if you repeatedly tell your wife you love her and remind her how amazing she is, she might not be hearing it if her love language is physical touch. Super happy couples know how to communicate their love in a way their partner will feel it.

5. Clean together – Doing menial tasks with someone you love transforms chores into parties. You’ll make memories jamming out to Disney songs while scrubbing the oven and cultivate an atmosphere for conversation that will both strengthen your relationship and make your life a little more sunny.

6. Share inside jokes – Super happy couples will hear a word that doesn’t mean much to the speaker but they’ll make eye contact and burst into fits of giggles. Cultivate jokes that are special to just the two of you.

7. Talk throughout the day – Super happy couples have each other on their mind. They can’t wait until evening to tell their partner about the roadside drama or getting 100% on a test. If nothing else, happy couples call to check on each other’s days during lunch or to square away evening plans.

8. Date – It doesn’t matter if they’re married, super happy couples go on dates. That’s right, a pre-planned event where they spend time getting to know each other better. It can be a fancy dinner or something casual like going for a walk in the park. The important thing is spending quality one-on-one time together.

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