Hamisa Mobetto with her son

Hamisa addresses rumours Jaguar is the baby daddy of her son Daylan

Hamisa Mobetto is a model whose fame exploded after she hooked up with Diamond Platnumz on the set of his music video, Salome.

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The touch and go affair result in Miss Mobetto getting pregnant with her second child, a boy named Daylan. Since then one can’t say Hamisa’s name has been associated so frequently with her second baby daddy.

Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto
Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto in a file photo

But as with many of Diamond’s baby mamas, some have claimed that Daylan might not be the Tanzanian singer’s son with some pointing at our very own parliamentarian Jaguar as the baby daddy, especially as the two have a close resemblance.

Daylan on the left and Jaguar's son on the right
Diamond’s son Daylan on the left and Jaguar’s son on the right

And the rumours have swirled since 2017 and were re-ignited this month after Jaguar commented on a photo Hamisa had posted of the boy, which he quickly deleted.

Jaguar posing
Jaguar posing

That raised eyebrows and made many wonder whether there could be any truth to the rumour. In a recent interview, Mobetto rubbished the reports stating that she doesn’t know Jaguar in person and they have never met.

“Sijawahi kumuona Jaguar katika maisha yangu, sijawahi kuonana naye, sijawahi kuwa na number yake ya simu ila sijawahi kuongea naye. Kwa hiyo sababu za kumpost mtoto wangu anazijua yeye mwenyewe lakini kwa sababu watu wengi Instagram wamekuwa wakumuunganisha na mtoto wangu picha, maybe that is one of the reasons. Lakini sijapata nafasi ya kuongea naye maana simjui, so hopefully the day ambayo nitamuona nitamuuliza” explained Hamisa.

Hamisa Mobetto with her two kids
Hamisa Mobetto with her two kids

In a separate interview, Hamisa explained that the rumours piss her off because people who always make them, were not there when the child was being fathered.

“When they say Dylan belongs to Jaguar I get annoyed because I know who the father is. Because I was the one who had sex so I know who the father is and I am not the kind to cheat in a relationship. I will be faithful until we break up. But I cannot mix when I’m with you, that’s my nature. A lot of girls can but I can’t,” Hamisa revealed.

Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto
Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto at a past date


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