Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto

Is she back with Diamond? Hamisa Mobetto responds

Hamisa Mobetto is a model who became super-famous after she got Diamond Platnumz’s baby. Sadly she wasn’t able to make him commit.

But she is in the news again. Why, you might ask? Drum-roll, please…She has been linked to her baby daddy once again. The model has addressed widely circulated claims that she was back with her baby daddy.

Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto
Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto in a file photo

These reports emerged after Diamond bailed out on his girlfriend Tanasha Donna’s EP launch party in Nairobi, in the name of attending to an emergency back at home.

A few hours later, Hamisa was spotted with Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz at her shop after she shared a video of Esma on her insta-stories.

Hamisa Mobetto posing
Hamisa Mobetto posing

During an interview with a Tanzanian station, saying that it was a lie and that she was single and happy, insisting that there is no man on earth that is in another relationship she (Hamisa) would like to be with.

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She also added that she loves her privacy and everything in her life, to be worried about things people write on social media just because they want to write.

“Itakuwa kwanza vigumu sana kujibu kila kitu ambacho kinaandikwa katika mtandao kwa sababu mwisho wa siku mtu yeyote ambaye ana simu anaweza akaandika. Hata ukijisikia ukiamka asubuhi useme nimemkuta Hamisa yuko na mlinzi haibadilishi chochote. Mimi what I can say is niko single, I’m very much single, I’m happy being single. Siko katika relationship yeyote. Hakuna mwanaume yeyote ambaye yuko kwa mwanamke mwingine ambaye namtamani ama natamani kuwa naye ama nataka kuwa naye. I’m very happy. What I can say is I’m single na pia siwezi kuwa najibu kila kitu ambacho mtu mmoja tu anaamua kuandika. Mimi nina maisha yangu binafsi and I love my privacy na napenda sana maisha yangu na kila kitu kwenye maisha yangu. Kwahiyo siwezi nikaangaika na kila kitu mtu moja, ama wawili, ama watatu wanachojiskia kuandika,” said Hamisa Mobetto.

Hamisa Mobetto
Ms. Mobetto

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