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Haha! This Nigerian man definition of a good wife is hilarious

A Nigerian man by the name O’Thomas Rado was trending on Facebook after his post went viral.

He posted his definition of a good wife. Not many people agreed with him.

According to him,

“A good wife is someone that bought a land and build a house with her own money but use his husband name on the  of ownership.”

Biblically, a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife and the two shall become one flesh, Ephesians 5:31 well this young man might be reading the Bible wrongly.


His post got a lot of attention and backlash from Facebook users as they viewed him as a ‘lazy man’.

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Check out this hilarious harsh comments his post received.

Mary Lucy: Lazy man, don’t go out and hustle like ur fellow mate, the their dey find woman wey go build house for u!!!!!

Chi Dex: Stark laziness!! 🙁 A lady buy the land; Build the house and then you expect her to use your name and later you call yourself the FAMILY HEAD.. This guy is an embarrassment to ‘MEN UNION’ – I pray feminists come across this his post and he will receive correct insult bath. Attention craving souls.Mtchew.

Sheba: “A good wife is someone that bought a land and build a house with her own money, but use his husband name on the c of ownership.”….I feel like slapping you and shake you.


Helen: Lazy man continue looking for already made.

Lilian: Haha u will grow old while waiting for that wife material.. lazy man

Sharon: Mitcheeeeeeeew, nonsense and ingredients

Blessing: Continue waiting for a good wife material instead of making yourself a good husband machine

Frank: Rugged man


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