Haha! This Is The Crazy Thing That Njugush Did To Tracy Wanjiru That Left Everyone In Stiches

While everyone was scolding Eric Omondi for his wild mistake which you may already be aware of, others were laughing their butts off on Njugush’s page. The latter did a super funny skit with fast-rising Kenyan media personality Tracy Wanjiru. The Instavid, which is arguably one of the funniest he has ever done to date features him pretending to be a thug. He is on a call with another supposed thief and he is communicating in Kikuyu.

He goes on to describe how this “white” girl looks like money, especially pointing at the shoes, saying that they might be really expensive. However, at the end of the video, Njugush is stunned to hear Tracy (in character) speak in fluent Kikuyu. That is when trouble becomes real.

Prior to that, most of Tracy’s fans did not know that she speaks in Kikuyu, but apparently, she does. Check out some of the fan reactions:

_roxieross_ @linahmwangi @eurie_eunice

ciiru_tharau …jesu!!!

oliveroli3195 …utajua hujui wee

iambenkartelsnr …Kuja apa @rannia_kimz

kanes_kitchenaffair ..I dropped at ‘giki nikuguithia’

pithbwoy @njeriegitau …hehe

claireshishda ..Njuguna wewe umefanya Eric Omondi awe desperate for attention hadi ana swim nekkid na watoto

samuelkamauwaweru …Hapo umenoa bro

kaymemoirs ..Dead

dantezk95 …ģikìì ñìkùŕùñdà lol

kagzmama_marl @kigogo_snr… Njuguna amejua hajui

murugi_olive @ian.mooner… walalala

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