Guys,You Have Been Sharing Your Women With Other Men (audio)

Women revealed to Maina Kageni that since other men think its ok to have other women, they too have other men outside their marriage.

Men, you can not satisfy your women with everything. You could be good in bed but there is a time a woman needs someone to make her life interesting and bearable. Men do not necessarily need to sleep with women, they tend to understand their marital problems more than their spouses and help them cope with that. They even help out and some marriages survive because of such male friends.

Men are accused of being rigid and believing that when women associate with other men,its all about sleeping around with them.

The ladies who called in said that its not for sex but for friendship alone. Maina Kageni asked the men whether they have sometimes been given loans from their women who claim to have taken that money from ‘Chamas’.

This came out as a shock as Maina revealed that those male friends to your wives are the ones who sometimes give them.

Men are believed to be secretive and most ladies trust them more than even their fellow women and that is why most of them have male friends. They could rather carry out their business with men than women.

The debate was hot like no other day especially when one lady revealed a very hot experience.

She said that she has been trying to call Maina to give her experience. Her husband took a loan six years ago and the husband would receive -4 as the salary.

The loan was meant to go to the coast and have fun with other women. The lady did not mind. She did not keep it a secret but instead shared with male friends. The lady says she has a child who was in school and now that the husband was not able to pay the school fees, the director decided to pay the school fees for her child. The director told her to lie to her husband that the child was educated through a scholarship for being bright.

She went ahead and narrated that she could even get clothes from her male friends to give to her husband.

When all this was happening, the lady claimed that she has never slept with any of those friends but they are her all time confiders, even after she left the husband.

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