Guys, what is it like dating/marrying a daddy’s girl asks Maina Kageni


We have all heard the expression “daddy’s girl”. Can being a daddy’s girl affect your relationship?

Yes, according to Mwalimu Kingangi, who advises such women to wean off their fathers once married.

We need to appreciate they love their fathers, but at what point do you hand over jukumu of being advised to another man in her life. This should be done slowly because it can’t happen immediately, so she should find a way to wind it up, because these are two jogoos. D you realize this is another boma she has started, You cannot be taking decisions from all over.


These little girls are so close to their father they tend to idealize them, something that Maina Kageni thinks is not so shabby at all.

There is no way a father can let a daughter marry way before her class, Maina defended such relationships.

Maina posed this question to listeners:

Guys what’s it like dating a daddy’s girl? And girls, Mwalimu is saying you need to learn to wean yourself off your fathers.

A cross section of callers gave their opinions below:

Woman caller: when you marry the gir is given to you by the father, every decisiont hat you make as a family is one. Your life no longer depdnes on anyone else, so if you contineu listening to your father, at the end of the day where do you go? The conflict that wil be there will be crazy.

Please ladies learnt to listen to your husband in case there is a dispute, because at the end of the day you remain with your husband. If you listen to your father you will break your marriage, itakuwa ni nyinyi wawili kwa nyumba, it is your life, please ladies listen to your husband not your father

Father and daughter
Father and daughter

man caller: Iv’e got a friend whose daughter is 27, and well off she has a very good job, she was an A student. She got married to a jobless man and the father as been against it so much and the next thing she got pregnant. She listened to her mother when she got pregnant, the mother told her to get married to that poor man and she bought Ubers about five of them, and the man is managing them, the mother says she is happy whether to a poor man or not.


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