Gunmen shoot at a Lamu bound bus, police pursuing attackers

A Lamu bound bus was Saturday evening waylaid and shot at by suspected Al shabaab militia at Lango La Simba area in Nyongoro/Witu division in Lamu.

In the 3pm incident, witnesses say about four men stopped and shot at the Tawakal bus forcing it to stop.

The bus was heading to Lamu from Mombasa with 50 passengers before the incident.

According to Gerald Mwangi who was one of the passengers, the four men sprayed bullets at the tyres forcing the driver to stop.

“When we were passing through Lango La Simba area I noticed four men emerge from the bushes from the side I was seated. They had very long guns. I then saw them aim and start shooting at the bus tyres and windows. We all lay down on our seats,” said Mwangi.

“When the bus stopped, they entered the bus and started scrutinizing each of us without uttering anything. After about seven minutes, they told us in Kiswahili that it was not their wish that they had waylaid us(sio kupenda kwetu tuwasimamishe). They then walked out of the bus and headed back into the bushes where they had emerged from,” he said.

“Their faces were covered and they spoke very poor Kiswahili which had a heavy Somali accent. We thank God they didn’t harm us but we can’t help but wonder what their real intention was,” said Mwangi.

Speaking to The Star Newspaper  on phone, Lamu county commander Ephantus Kiura confirmed the attack.

“I can confirm that a bus belonging to the Tawakal Bus Company was attacked at Lango La Simba in Witu division at around 3pm by four people we highly suspect to be militiamen. There are no casualties and all the passengers are fine. We think this was a trial terror attempt since no one was injured. They just shot at the bus to make it stop, and then they inspected the passengers and walked away,” said Kiura.

Kiura said a combined team of security officer was currently combing Lango La Simba area and neighboring areas in the hunt for the terror suspects.

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