Guardian Angel with Esther Musila

Reason Kenyans are upset Guardian Angel is dating a woman 20 years his senior

Guardian Angel has been in the news this past week after news after introducing his 50-year-old girlfriend Esther Musila to the online community.

The man did so with pomp and aplomb and while some Kenyans disapproved of the match, the Hadithi hitmaker went on to re-iterate his earlier stance, doubling down with a lovely message to Musila on his Instagram page.

He wrote, “I am proud of myself. #lovewins❣.” Adding,

“Sometimes the most difficult sacrifice is to abandon the comfortable mediocrity f who we are and embrace the beautiful fear of who we’re meant to be.”

Esther who is a mother of 3 for her part responded in kind, writing, “I am more proud of you. #lovewins❣❣.” The back and forth didn’t end there as Guardian posted another message of love to her with his message reading, “I love you ❣❣😊”.

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Blessed week ♡

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The love the two share hasn’t been celebrated by a prominent section of Kenyans prompting celebs like Maina Kageni to come out guns blazing in support of the growing romance.

Why is that? Why would there be such a visceral reaction to the news? Why is it more acceptable in society for older men to date much younger women but the reverse scenario criticised with such gusto?

I believe that while most people might not have a rational reason for the bias they have to such pairings, there is research that might explain their visceral reactions.

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… #kuoshwa link in bio

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Simple biology-A man can still realistically get kids at the ripe old age of 70 and above, while most women hit menopause between the ages of 40 and 50.

Female fertility is affected by age. Age is thus a major fertility factor for women. After puberty, female fertility increases and then decreases, with advanced maternal age causing an increased risk of female infertility.

I met my 50-year-old girlfriend through Maina Kageni – Guardian Angel reveals

At age 45, a woman starting to try to conceive will have no live birth in 50–80 percent of cases. Menopause, or the cessation of menstrual periods, generally occurs in the 40s and 50s and marks the cessation of fertility, although age-related infertility can occur before then.


Most relationship pairings happen for two reasons-Companionship and procreation. While many might say we have become more liberal in our thinking, in the African context, children are still a must-have for a healthy pairing.

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Happy new month. ❣wins #kuoshwa link in bio.

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Guardian’s relationship with Esther while progressive reveals that children for most Kenyans are a major milestone for any relationship/marriage, a hope the singer’s current pairing doesn’t promise. Don’t forget Esther is 50 year-old.

But what do I know, anyway?
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