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Guardian Angel reveals reason he reconciled with father after 30 years

Guardian Angel recently made up with his father. He revealed this fact to his fans and followers on his Instagram this week.

We called the ‘Glorious’ singer and asked him about this interesting fact as the backstory of his life is very captivating.

Guardian whose real names are Audiphaxad Peter had a non-existent relationship with his father until this week.

His father had apparently refused any association with his mother after she had conceived him.

Guardian Angel looking dapper
The singer looking dapper

After that, his mother struggled to take care of him as the sole provider and he became a street-boy before his life turned around with music being the salve for him.

He also revealed that his mother (who lives in Canada at the moment) had been urging him to reconcile with his father, something that he had not done yet.

We asked him why he had decided to finally reconcile with his father? He said that his Reverend, Didzweit Achero had preached a sermon about honouring one’s parents and he had been convicted.

He also said that he and his father had not been in contact for 30 years up to that point. He added that he contacted a relative who put him in touch in touch father who wasn’t well at the time.

Guardian Angel seating on a Mercedes Benz
Guardian Angel seating on a Mercedes Benz

He described the reunion as being a wonderful event for both of them, saying that he felt like a weight had been lifted off. What advice did he have for people who might have complicated relationships like he did with his father?

It is something I want to take up (helping families get back together). Families need to reconcile. 

He also added that he had received largely positive feedback from many of his followers after the news.

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