Guardian Angel pays sweetest tribute to best man and woman for support

It’s been quite a week for gospel singer Guardian Angel and Esther Musila.

The two secretly wedded on Monday and a video leaked online.

Guardian has since been sharing pictures of the ceremony, with messages about his joy at finding the one.

One of those is of the couple who served as their best man and woman.

He indicated they had been friends for years.

Guardian took to Instagram to publicly pay tribute to the BFF’s Rachel and Dennis.

The newly married couple sharedapicture of the garden pictures following the vows and with a heartfelt message of appreciation for the work the couple has done.

‘We can not describe our best couple, not even in a million posts. @rachealnjau and @dennis.njau are a Gem blessed to our lives by God himself. Follow them on @thegoldmineshow For greatest inspirational conversations. Thank me later.’

In a second image, Dennis responded saying ‘ Deeply honoured to have done this with you bro and @esther.musila. #LoveWins’

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