Makena Njeri

Gay activist Makena Njeri speaks on why she left cushy BBC job

Former BBC journalist Makena Njeri has revealed the reason she left BBC. Makena worked at BBC for three years before she publicly announced that she had quit.

Through her social media platforms, Makena said the media house had built her as a journalist and challenged her to think differently as she talked to her global audience.

While at BBC, Makena said she achieved great excellence while engaging the audience in different platforms.

“This beautiful journey made me achieve great excellence doing stories that constantly hit the millions when it came to audience engagement on different platforms. I worked on a program BBC What’s New that inspires the youth in Africa to reach for the stars and everything is possible through the stories we told.

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We got nominated for the Emmys in 2019 such a great milestone for me as a journalist on the team.”

“Every beautiful story has a beginning and a powerful ending. This has been my journey working at the Beeb for the last three years! I have been built as a journalist in a way I never imagined. Challenged to think different and talk to a global audience in every story I reported on.”

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Makena said she had done all she needed to do at the international media house.

“It was my dream to work at BBC and eventually I got the opportunity. After three years, I realised I had done everything that I needed to do. There was nothing else I was doing differently in the media. There was no growth. I always do something that makes me grow.

She said there is no bad blood between her and her former employers.

“My relationship with the company is still good and I might go back. It depends.”

Makena is currently running her organisation ‘BeingBold’.

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