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GRIEF As 22 Year-Old Girl Is Allegedly Murdered Then BURNT To Ashes By Her Boyfriend (PHOTOS)

The world has become such a cruel place, and it gets worse if a loved one or someone who is supposed to protect you hurts you or turns against you.

Police in Johannesburg has confirmed that a 27-year-old man was arrested after the burnt body of his 22-year-old ex-girlfriend was found in a veld in Lyndhurst, Johannesburg.

The lady by the name, Karabo Mokoena has been trending on social media after being reported missing on 28 April.

Her distraught 27-year-old sister, Bontle Mokoena said that her younger sister was enrolled as a part-time student.

South African police discovered the body on 29 April and started with their investigation, but the are still waiting for post-mortem results in order to determine the exact cause of death.

The police also warned against spreading images of who they suspected had committed the crime on social media.

A picture of Karabo few months ago

“I think it was her way of finding healing from the things she had gone through,” said her friend Matthew Mensah.

“She was very committed and dedicated because you sometimes find people who say they are interested but never follow through,” said Mensah.

Mokoena had told him about how she found herself in an abusive relationship in the past.

“She said she had been through a lot of things and you could hear in her voice that whatever it was, was serious,” said Mensah.

This had spurred Mokoena to start planning the launch of her own NGO to help abused women.

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Mokoena was murdered on the night of 28th April around 9 pm. The father accused the boyfriend of killing her.

“The boyfriend confessed. He killed and burnt my daughter,” Tshepo Mokoena, her father, wrote on Facebook.

The Mokoena family said yesterday they “are shocked and aggrieved” by Mokoena’s passing.

“We thank the South African public for the outpouring of love and support to the family at this painful time. However, we request that the privacy of the family and the dignity of the deceased be respected.”

“I want to sit with the mother, and father, and family so that we talk about this,” said an uncle representing the family, who was on his way to the morgue to identify the body.

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Mensah said they were meant to have headed to the women’s shelter on that day but she stopped replying to his text messages.

Karabo Mokoena was popular in the entertainment industry in South Africa and was friends with other artistes around Africa. Social media users responded to her death under the hashtag #RIPKarabo.

Social media users responded to her death under the hashtag #RIPKarabo. Check out some of the comments and condolence messages below.




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